More Intelligence or Just Artificial??


I just received this via e-mail today! That was a hard few months of learning but I am glad that I stuck with it and saw it through. I actually almost quit about half-way through because I felt like that I had too much going on and well, I probably did but I kept working through it even though I missed a couple of homework assignments(fortunately your two lowest homework scores were thrown out).

My best scores came from the topics of probabilities, search trees(general and specifically game trees – (advanced planning subtopics) ) and reinforcement learning. I guess the only somewhat bad news is that I didn’t get informed that i made the top 1% of everyone who decided to stay with it (LOTS of people dropped out for one reason or another). There was a rumor running around that 200 people got perfect scores so obviously with a 88% I didn’t make it in that ladder but I am happy that I took the course. Hopefully I can put it to good use for a future iOS or Mac OSX app or something along those lines…who knows!

Anyway hopefully I’ve become more intelligent and it’s not just artificial 😉


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