Coding Like A Maniac

I’ve been building small console apps now for a couple of weeks that implement concepts such as Categories, Blocks, Delegation etc etc as well as making sure I am familiar with built in view objects (i.e. table views). I’ve gained lots of knowledge and insight beyond just core book material that I have in front of me and have also been watching some of the videos from the Fall 2011 Stanford iTunesU iOS course to review some of the advanced topics and demonstrations that I have already watched before.

Even though I am writing iOS applications at work, the objects and views that we write and use are such a small set of what is possible so what better way to branch out and find problems to solve that I don’t make up myself. Cue Google Code Jam to provide some problems to solve in any language that you wish and of course I have been writing and solving some of these problems in Objective-C.

I’ve been having to stay busy with this because I am running out of time being that my wife and I are pregnant and are due sometime in April. I am also starting to design an Android presentation (we call them Brown Bags) that will be used to teach others about Android development at a very high level so that is going to take up some time from me the next couple of months. Meanwhile I still have my work projects. Yikes! Busy times!