These are some old OpenGL screenshots of some work that I delivered at one of my previous jobs. Everything here is rendered with GL_TRIANGLE_STRIPS with every triangle colored via 1D texture mapping. This is using the fixed function pipeline instead of shaders (this was in 2004!!). I don’t think many systems around the office at that time were on the bleeding edge.

I REALLY REALLY would like to get back in the OpenGL game using shaders.

World Temperature Data:

GDEM_1_board GDEM_2_board_globe GDEM_2_board GDEMTesting out rendering a slice of data using normals:

Untitled4World Data using normals:

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 4.45.15 PM Untitled2ANDDDD Wireframe mode!

Untitled3Hurricane Katrina data visualized on the world. ( I was without power for a month). There were about 33 timesteps or so that were collected but here are a few of them from different angles.


katrina20 katrina22 katrina29katrina_clouds katrina_dBZkatrina6 katrina5 katrina3


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